Frog AE-S24 Kit (24volt)

£678.00 (£565.00 excluding VAT)

Complete kit for a single swing gate of up to 3.5m / 11’5″ leaf, 24 V D.C. motor.

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Product Description

• 001FROG-A24E 24 V Motor x1
• 001FROG-CF Foundation Case x1
• 001A4364 Release Mechanism x1
• 001DIR-10 Pair Safety Photocells x1
• 002ZLJ24 Control Panel 24v x1
• 001TOP-432EV Radio Remote (433,92MHz) x2
• 001TOP-A433N Antenna x1
• 001AF43S Frequency Card (433,92MHz) x1

Product PDF

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