Nice L Fab 24v kit

Nice L-Fabkit2 24v Kit

£1,341.36 (£1,117.80 excluding VAT)

Nice L-Fabkit2 24v Double Swing Underground Gate kit for automating swing gate up to 4m

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Product Description

24 Vdc version with magnetic encoder.
Ideal for intensive use, compatible with the control unit Moonclever MC824H:
• simple programming via a single key;
• self-learning of travel limits on opening and closing;
• self-diagnostics of faults;
• programming of pause time;
• pass door;
• deceleration on opening and closing;
• dual technology obstacle detection;
• operation in the event of a power failure with optional rechargeable batteries (PS324);
• provision for connection of latest generation sensitive edges.

Kit Contents
2 x BM4024 motors
2 x BMBOX4 foundation box
1 x MOFB pair wired photocells
1 x MC824H or A60 control unit
1 x OXI Receiver (4 channels)
2 x ON2e remotes (2 channel)
1 x MEA3 manual unlock lever
1 x Instruction Sheet

Product PDF

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